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Motor Power

Brushless servomotors

Tetra and Tetra Compact

Tetra & Tetra Compact brushless servo motors come in a wide range of power ratings and in high and low inertia versions to provide targeted solutions for a variety of applications. These servo motors are ideal for positioning applications and guarantee excellent results in the fields of processing, material handling, automatic machines, robotics and actuator movement.

Tetra Compact Low Voltage

The Tetra Compact motors for low voltage applications.

Tetra Compact-E

These brushless servo motor and digital drive bundles satisfy top-end application needs. Excellent quality, international certifications, carefully selected components and a wide range of power ratings make these servo motors ideal for highly dynamic, accurate and reliable automation.

Tetra Compact-X

Tetra Compact X controls your motion in any outdoor and indoor extreme operation. Exceptional performance, reliability and stability are guaranteed thanks the special design and manufacturing of this series.

Integrated Servo Drives

Integrated Servo Drives


Motor Rollers

Gearless motor rollers

Solutions for sorting and material handling.

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