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Electromen Controllers

Electromen Oy Ltd
, an electronics engineering company, was founded in the finnish town of Turku in 1988. From the very start, our business idea has been to serve industrial customers by offering them customised control and measuring electronics. This idea, along with our flexible co-operation skills, is still basis and credo of Electromen Oy Ltd.


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- 1Q- and 4Q-drive
- Supply: 12 - 80 VDC, 230 VAC
- Output Current: 3 - 25 ADC, 3 AAC
- High peak current
- Adjustable ramps, current limits, load compensation, etc.
- Simple analogue or pulse-driven feedback
- Stepper motor controller with auxiliary oscillator designed for microstepping
- Suitable for DC and BL motors
- Motor control unit, analogue positioning, Torsteuerungen
- Customized according to functional specifications

Electromen motor and power controllers

A structured sheet presenting the Electromen products.

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