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Positioning systems

halstrup-walchers positioning systems combine motor, transmission, control electronics, a serial interface, absolute measurement, power electronics and hollow shaft. Their manifold variations and options allow for a variety of complex applications.


Power: 0,8 W - 100 W
- Torque: 0,75 Nm - 25 Nm
- Motortypes: EC-, DC-, AC- und Schrittmotoren
- Protection: max. IP 68
- CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU, Sercos, EtherCAT, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK, IO-Link


- Cost reduction
- Reduction in down times
- Low installation costs
- Less operator error
- Shorter downtimes of the machine
- Automatic conversion
- Less wiring
- Recognizes adjustments even if disconnected


Machinery and equipment
- Packaging
- Filling
- Printing
- Woodworking
- Metering
- Medical
- Pharmaceutical Industry

PSD direct drives for automatic format changeover

PSD direct drives are mechatronic systems with integrated control, bus interface and absolute measurement system without battery. They are ideal for automatic format changeover.

With automatic format changeover you benefit from significant time savings, improved quality, and a self-monitoring system which accurately detects unwanted changes in position.

Download: PSD Product Brochure

Features of the PSD direct drives

  • Compact design

  • Maximum flexibility (variable alignment of connectors, optional rotatable attachment housing)

  • Simple assembly (the optional hollow shaft allows the direct drive to be mounted on the spindle without a coupling)

  • No reference run

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