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Linear-Rotary Motors

The linear-rotary motors of LinMot's PR01 series allow combined linear and rotative movements. The compact housing includes a linear motor as well as a rotative direct drive, each controlled by his own servo drive. Thus, the main control realizes highly dynamic linear-rotative movement sequences, which may be programmed either to work synchronously or independent of each other.

As an innovative design element the linear-rotary motors are used for complex motion tasks as screwing, taping, closing, stacking, aligning and much more, done with just one component. Linear force (pressure) as well as torque may be regulated independently. These new motors are available with hollow shaft.


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- Stroke: 80 mm to 300 mm
- Peak force: 1.024 N
- Nominal force: up to 354 N
- Maximum speed: 2.000 min-1
- Peak torque: 8,9Nm
- Nominal torque: up to 3 Nm

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