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Linear Guides

Series H01 Linear Guides are compact guide units with integrated ball bearings or plain bushings, for operating LinMot P01 linear motors with standard or heavy duty sliders. H01 Linear Guides are used as load bearings, to resist external forces and rotational and bending moments, and as an anti-rotation device. They provide high-precision guidance and allow dynamic and precise positioning of the load. The load is mounted directly to the front plate of the linear guide. Mechanical dimensions and mounting options are compatible with pneumatic linear guides. The modular design allows simple addition of accessories, such as a mechanical brake or magnetic spring, for load balancing in vertical applications.

The high-precision shafts are held in low-friction ball bearings and units. The sliding mounting options are used primarily in applications that are expected to come into contact with water or are elsewise corrosion endangered and therefor include stainless steel shafts. Similarly they should be used in applications with accelerations of 50 m / s².

The complete linear modules (H01 LinMot guidance with linear motors) are highly dynamic, flexible positioning elements with long service life. They are used in packaging, handling, production of equipment and a variety of special machines.

The mounting dimensions are identical to those of the standard pneumatic H-guides.


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