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Servo Drives

LinMot linear motors, together with the associated servo drives, create an optimal drive system for linear positioning tasks. The wide range of drive products allows rapid implementation of simple applications with two end positions, up to complex, high-precision multiaxis applications with synchronization to a main electronic shaft.

Simple Integration: Connection to an overlaid control system can be made via analog, digital, or serial interfaces, fieldbusses, or ETHERNET. The wide range of fieldbus interfaces and protocols allows simple integration of LinMot servo drives in any controls concept. Regardless of the manufacturer and type of controls, LinMot servo drives provide the right interface to connect to an overlaid PLC, industrial PC, or proprietary control system.


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- single- and multiaxis systems
- output current up to 15 A
- up to 255 positions storable
- curves internal storable
- absolute / relative positioning
- In-Position Signal
- Teach In
- CAN-Bus, Profibus, Device Net, Profinet, Ethercat, Sercos III
- Master Encoder Interface

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