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Products of swiss company maxon are used in various application areas:

Medical Technology Among other applications, maxon drives are used in precision surgical robots and ensure that even complex operations can be carried out safely and with minimal tissue damage. This significantly shortens the recovery time after medical procedures.

Industrial Automation & Robotics You"ll find maxon drives, for instance, in high-precision, ultrafast and intelligent PCB mounting systems.

Instrumentation and Inspection maxon drives are also used in laser leveling instruments. These allow engineers to precisely measure even the most unusual structures. Inside or outside. Above or below ground. In any weather.

Communication maxon drives are used in e.g. antennas for telecommunication and ensure optimal reception and transmission of radio signals. For mobile communication anywhere and anytime.

Security Technology maxon drives are also used in remote-controlled surveillance cameras and ensure a focused image at the right angle. Day and night. In any weather.

Automotive maxon drives are also in use in the wind deflectors of convertible cars and ensure that even at high speeds, the turbulence in the car interior can be significantly reduced at the touch of a button.

Aerospace maxon drives are e.g. used in autopilots, which significantly reduce the workload for pilot and copilots and thus increase the safety on board.

Consumer Applications maxon drives are also used in motorised golf caddies, for effortless mobility on the golf course. Thus the player can fully concentrate on the game.

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