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maxon sensor

Precise encoders, DC tachometers and high-resolution resolvers. For maxon DC and EC drives.

Encoders, DC tachometers and resolvers allow accurate evaluation of the speed and angle position and form the framework for high-precision control loops. These devices have to be fitted to the motors at the supplying factory, as the installation process is fine-tuned to the respective motor.

- Suitable for positioning tasks
- Rotation direction recognition
- Speed information from number of pulses per time unit
- The standard solution for many applications

- Analog rotor position
- Analog speed signal
- For special solutions in conjunction with sinusoidal commutation in EC motors

- Not suited for positioning tasks
- Analog speed signal
- Rotation direction recognition


- High signal resolution (12 - 2.048 CPT)
- Precise control
- 2 or 3 channel versions depending on application
- Matched to maxon motors and to maxon control electronics
- Mounting on motors with through shafts for resonance reasons


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