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rack actuators

The electric rack actuators Drive Evo 0 and Drive Evo 2 are especially designed for domes and windows. The actuators can be used in a single and a tandem version. The S1 and S0 Systems are extremely reliable and multi-useable. Two different gears ensure various levels of power and speed. Having reached its final position, the motor is stopped by its limit switch. No-load signal contacts are optional as well as multiple series and parallel operational applications.


- High compressive and pulling force: up to 1.000 N
- Stroke length: up to 1.000 mm
- Operating voltage: 230 VAC / 24 VDC
- Options for installation
- Optimal price/performance ratio


- Top hinged windows
- Shed windows
- Domes / Roof windows
- Sunshades
- Louvre


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