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Gearless Motor Rollers

Innovative solutions for intralogistics with gearless technology products.

No gears. That's why we are better.

The perfectly matched bundles, consiting of gearless motor rollers and drives, were specifically designed for conveyors, crossbelts or any other roller transfer system.

Motor Power Company offers two versions: frameless cartridges without tube, which have to be inserted into the rollers, or a power pack version - a ready-to-use motor roller mounted in it's own tube.

The technology for the motor is based on direct drive torque motors. The motion is transmitted directly from the motor roller to the load without gear.

The advantages

  • High MTBF (less components)

  • System efficiency increased due to the gearless technology

  • Precision, thanks to feedback

  • High dynamic thanks to direct drive technology

  • Easy commissioning and replacement

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