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ILSM - Independent Linear Synchronous Motors

The ILSM (Independent Linear Synchronous Motors) is a full, mechatronic direct drive solution, based on independent carriers, operated by linear motors. The motion control - consisting of linear motors, feedback devices, drive control and software libraries - was designed and manufactured by Motor Power Company. The result is a mechatronic solution with an independent, flexible and programmable movement that offers unprecedented advantages compared to traditional motion systems.


  • Customizable length and shape

  • Higher productivity without changing the machine footprint

  • Process optimization

  • Maximization of efficiency in productivity

  • Cost cutting thanks to reduction of working units

  • Adjustable accelleration and deceleraton rates, ideal for fragile products

  • Customizable motion speed

  • Fast change of setup

  • Easy and low maintenance compared to traditional mechanical transfers

  • Compatibility with every PLC


  • Continuous force: 120 N

  • Max. force: 240 N

  • Curve radius: 212 mm

  • Module lenght: 500 mm

  • Pallet length: 120 mm

  • Payload: 15 kg

  • Max. acceleration: 15 m/s²

  • Nominal speed: 2 m/s

  • Accuracy: < 0,5 mm

  • Repeatability: < 0,1 mm

  • Feedback: absolute magnetic encoder

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