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Integrated Motors

The smart architecture of the DUET series allows control functions to be decentralised. Everything you need for moving and controlling an axis is built directly into one highly compact component.

The series consists of the following three models:

- DUET AD and


All of them consist of an intelligent drive for easy integration, with CANopen or EtherCAT network possibility. Smaller control cabinets and less cabling are among their most visible benefits. These integrated drives will also deliver superior performance and control.


  • Output power: 60 W to 3.500 W

  • Power supply: 48 VDC (DUET, DUET AD and DUET FLEXI) and 560 VDC (DUET HV)

  • Brake control

  • Integrated 2 pole resolver

  • Absolute encoder

  • Connectors

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