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DC geared motors

The ongoing progress of digitization and networking in office equipment from copiers, printers to facsimiles, etc is boosting needs for highly sophisticated motors that enable these equipment to reduce size, lower operating noise, consume less power, and take shorter time to warm up. Nidec is living up to the customer expectation through practical application of new technology to its vast allay of small brush DC motor lines constantly fulfilling market needs.

Nidec DC motors have various advantages over AC motors concerning the operating of doors and barriers:
- high torque
- good control qualities

Our motors are used for adjustments for furnitures as well as in clinics and care facilities, since they meet the special requirements needed in these institutions. A lifting device for patients provides considerable relief for home care. This lifting function is carried out by a motor with a two-staged spur gear. The actuator has a diameter of only 43 mm, it's driving shaft is located in the center of the gear - therefore it can be installed directly into the telescope unit. The motor is shielded and quiet.

- nominal voltage 12 - 42 VDC
- nominal torque up to 100 Nm
- higher durability
- integrated 2-channel Hall IC
- ideal price performance ratio

- nominal voltage 12 - 42 VDC
- nominal torque up to 10 Nm
- higher durability
- integrated 2-channel Hall IC
- low noise
- ideal price performance ratio


Nidec 3D file download


- coffee brewers
- office machines
- door drives
- window drives
- extended cares

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