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AC motors

The AC motors are branded with all worldwide relevant qualifications and are available in all main voltage versions. The asynchronous motors are mainly for one rotating direction, reversible motors that allow for bi-directional rotating are also available. Latter have a high starting torque and a integrated friction brake, although they are meant for operating cycles of 30 minutes continuous operation. The optional integrated speedo generator allows a wide speed range. The basic construction combines high reliability with a reasonable price, which makes these actuators highly attractive.

The torque motors (TM series) special characteristics make them particularly useful for winding applications which demand constant speed and constant force upon the material. When rotation is reversed the braking effect keeps a constant tension on the winding.

Oriental Motor offers the ideal AC motor for use under extreme conditions. The FPW Series are geared motors which conform to the IEC standard IP67 (Recognized by UL). They are ideal for applications where they are splashed with water or even submerged. High corrosion resistance is achieved through special anti-corrosive coating and re-examination of shaft material [stainless steel (SUS303 type)]. The water-tight terminal box is not mounted on the case of this type of motor but connected to a water-tight cable.


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- performance 6 - 200 W
- size of the flange 60 - 104 mm
- operating voltage 100 - 3 x 400 VAC
- qualifications: CE, UL and cUL
- optional brake
- hose-proof motors IP67
- gear/right-angle gear with 20 different gear reductions from 1:3 - 1:180 up to 1:100.000
- controllable one-phase motors

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