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The fan program from Oriental Motor offers

- axial flow fans for ventilation and cooling
- centrifugal blowers for precise local cooling and
- cross flow fans for spacious cooling

Fans with special warning functions and speed control are available.


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Axial flow fans

Axial flow fans use a propeller to create a flow of air in the direction of the axis of rotation. These fans create a large airflow, making them optimal for use as ventilators for overall cooling of internal machinery components. These axial flow fans are available in a wide variety of sizes and voltage characteristics and special warning functions. The new FM series provides complete cooling modules including peripherals.

Centrifugal blowers

Centrifugal blowers move air by means of the centrifugal force generated by rotating a cylindrical runner on which blades have been arranged. Centrifugal blowers have a small outlet, which concentrates air in a single direction and are therefore suitable for local cooling. They also create large static pressure, making them optimal for cooling equipment through which air cannot flow easily and for airflow through ducts.

Cross flow fans

Cross flow fans create a wide flow of air using a long cylindrical-shaped impeller. Air is drawn in along the sides of the runner, flows along the circumference of the runner and is blown out laterally, creating a uniform flow of air. Cross flow fans are used for cooling circuit boards installed in equipment, air curtains and other applications. In addition, cross flow fans offer the advantages of right-angle air flow and rectangular shape which facilitates installation in corners and saves space.

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