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stepper motors and systems

Stepping motors enable accurate positioning operation with ease. They are used in various types of equipment for accurate rotation angle and speed control using pulse signals. A stepping motor rotates in step angle, just like the second hand of a clock. This angle is the "basic step angle". Oriental motors offers 5-phase stepping motors with a basic step angle of 0,72 and 2-phase stepping motors with a basic step angle of 1,8°.
These 2-phase stepping motors offer high precision and reliability without using position detectors. The types of this extensive range deliver high torques at low vibrations and noise.
The RK series is a 5-phase microstepping system whose "Smooth Drive" function achieves low vibrations. Planetary-, bevel-and Harmonic-drive-gears guarantee highest accuracy at positioning. The series include types with electromagnetic brake (fail safe) and integrated controllers as well as other 2- and 5-phase stepping motor systems. The AlphaStep system combines positioning in shortest reaction times without stepping losses.


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- High - Resolution-types
- IP65 - types with terminal box
- Motors with high inertia capability
- Motors with fast response capabilities
- gears (planetary-, bevel-, harmonic-drive-gears)

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