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DC spur- and worm gear motors

Low-cost DC motors, designed as series-wound , shunt or permanent magnet motors form the basis for a variety of combinations with worm gears, spur gears including hollow shaft variants. The motors feature preloaded ball bearings for extra quiet operation, the gear housing made of alloy are available on request in countless variants and with options such as holding brakes, tachos, etc.

From 180 basic motor frame combinations Parvalux can offer an infinite variety of design variations: Speeds of 18,000 rpm are obtainable with the motor range, and by adding worm, multi-spur gears or planetary gearboxes, speeds down to one revolution every 24 hours can be achieved. Suitable selection of motor and gearbox combinations will develop torques spanning from 0,1 Nm to 350 Nm.


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- Voltage 12 - 250 VDC
- Motor power 7,5 - 350 watts
- Speed 1.500 - 6.000 rpm
- Protection up to IP65
- Optional: Terminal Boxes
- Greased for life
- Complete input flexibility
- Output speed up to 0,5 rpm
- Output torque up to 250 Nm

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