maxon motor

General catalogue

maxon motor general catalogue 2017/18
maxon DC motors [7.822 KB]

- Explanation of maxon DC motor terminology
- DCX program
- DC-max program
- RE program
- A-max program
- RE-max program
maxon EC motors [6.352 KB]

- Explanation of maxon EC motor terminology
- ECX program
- EC program
- EC-max program
- EC-4pole program
- EC-i program
- EC flat program
maxon gear [5.529 KB]

- Explanation of maxon gear and spindle drive terminology
- GPX program
- maxon gear
maxon spindle drive [2.576 KB]

- Important considerations
- Spindle drives
- Options
maxon sensor [7.155 KB]

- Inductive encoders
- Magnetic encoders
- Optical encoders
- DC-Tacho / Resolvers
maxon motor control [4.700 KB]

- ESCON Servo Controllers
- 1-Q-EC servo amplifier
- EPOS2 positioning controller
- EPOS2 P positioning controller
- EPOS4 positioning controller
- MAXPOS positioning controller
- summary and accessories
maxon compact drive [2.028 KB]

- Accessories
maxon accessories [1.496 KB]

- Brakes
- End caps
maxon ceramic [3.368 KB]

- Innovative high-tech ceramic components
- Material properties
- Standard spindles
- System-specific nuts
- Standard axles
maxon Technology - short and to the point [5.487 KB]

- maxon DC motor
- maxon EC motor
- maxon gear
- maxon sensor
- maxon motor control
- maxon DC and EC motor - key information
- Conversion tables
- maxon standard specification
maxon selection guide [662 KB]
General information on the catalogue, the products and the company [9.204 KB]


maxon motor product overview [2.641 KB]

The worldwide leading manufacturer of high-precision drives and systems is introducing himself.
Traceability of batches: maxon Traceability. [679 KB]
maxon X drives - Custom-made DC motors, gearheads, encoders [9.841 KB]

Everything about the configurable product series by maxon motor.
The world of micro drives. [2.182 KB]

maxon micro drives
maxon motor intelligent compact drives [2.048 KB]

maxon compact drives with integrated controllers
compact drive MCD EPOS

maxon motor CIM parts [2.524 KB]

maxon ceramic
Drive systems for medical technology [3.057 KB]
Drive technology for aerospace [2.477 KB]
Drive systems for robotics [2.828 KB]
maxon special design [1.767 KB]

Custom drive systems.
Drive solutions for the oil and gas industry [2.291 KB]

maxon Heavy Duty drives: Robust designs for extreme operating conditions.