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A powerful and cost-effective drive
The brushless EC-i 30 DC motor from maxon motor.

Several different versions of the high-torque, brushless EC-i motors from maxon motor are now also available in small diameters. They are perfect for hand-held devices and applications in robotics.

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Powerhouses and pocket rockets
maxon motor presents new products.

In time for the SPS IPC Drives exhibition, drive specialist maxon motor is introducing several new products.

Among other things, the manufacturer is expanding its family of configurable products in area of brushless DC motors. Standard and High Power ECX SPEED drives are now available in diameters 13 and 19 mm, along with matching GPX planetary gearheads and encoders. As the name implies, the ECX SPEED drives impress with their very high speeds and are particularly suitable for power tools and similar applications.

There are news in the area of high-torque drives as well: maxon motor is now offering its powerful brushless flat motors as a frameless kit. This means that the stator and rotor are delivered separately and joined only during the assembly of the device. This solution is interesting especially for robotics applications where space is at a premium.

Another interesting innovation deals with controllers: The compact EPOS4 positioning controllers can now be equipped with an EtherCAT expansion board for integration into any EtherCAT network.

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Startups are changing the world
driven shows how they do it.

The current issue of driven – the maxon motor magazine – is all about new ideas. In "Making the future happen!", we take an in-depth look at four exciting startups, and two modern soccer robots.

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The stripped down motor.
maxon now offers BLDC motors as frameless kits.

Motors used in robotics must be lightweight while simultaneously providing high torque in order for arms and grippers to move dynamically. This is why Swiss drive specialist maxon motor is offering a new solution: The tried and tested brushless flat motors as frameless kits. This gives rise to a number of benefits.

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maxon motor acquires zub machine control AG.
The drive specialist moves closer to becoming a system Provider.

Rothenburg-based zub machine control AG has become part of the maxon motor Group, effective immediately. With this move, maxon is expanding its product portfolio to include intelligent multi-axis controllers, thereby taking a further step toward becoming a one-stop system provider.

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Once again, NASA relies on maxon technology
Swiss-made BLDC motors for the Mars 2020 rover

NASA's next Mars rover will collect soil samples, seal them and deposit them on the Martian surface for future collection and transport back to Earth. Swiss manufacturer maxon motor supplies several drives specifically developed for the task.

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Endless torque
The EC-i 52 DC motor by maxon motor

With their optimized magnetic circuit and special rotor, the new brushless DC motors from maxon deliver an impressive amount of torque. The EC-i 52 drives are considered to be high quality at an attractive price.

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The micro servo controller for extreme conditions
New: maxon ESCON Module 50/8 HE.

A rugged, compact powerhouse: The new ESCON Module 50/8 HE servo controller from maxon motor controls DC motors of up to 750 W, even in the harshest ambient conditions.

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Electric drives – invisible helpers in our everyday lives
driven magazine reveals where they are used.

Precision drive systems can be found in the home, in vehicles, and at work, making our lives simpler and safer. The current issue of driven, the maxon motor magazine, provides interesting insights into the world of drive technology. It also goes in search of an old friend.

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maxon presents the first sterilizable drive system.
BLDC motor, gearhead, and encoder from a single source.

In spring, maxon motor is introducing the world's first steam sterilizable encoder ENX EASY. It is available in an incremental (1024 counts) and absolute version (4096 steps), both designed for 1000 autoclave cycles. As of now, the ENX EASY can be combined with matching BLDC motors and planetary gearheads. The encoder can be integrated into the brushless drives ECX 13 and ECX 16 SPEED (up to 120.000 rpm and 104 W) without any increase in length. When the gearheads GPX 13 and GPX 16 SPEED (0,2 Nm max. continuous torque) are added to the combination, customers receive a fully sterilizable positioning system that opens up an entire new range of possibilities in medical technology. The compact and robust design is ideal especially for power tools.

Small encoder with high resolution

In parallel, the Swiss drive specialist developed another new encoder: The ENX RIO, a high-resolution encoder with 65,500 counts per turn and a diameter of only 16 millimeters.

The maxon range of ultra-compact DC motors is also growing: With the DCX 6 and DCX 8 drives (6 and 8 millimeters in diameter), the maxon X drives family gains two new members. Like all motors in this group, they are easy to configure in the online shop:


A perfect drive solution in only a few steps
New Speed motors and controllers from maxon.

maxon motor introduces additional brushless DC motors in its ECX series. They are fast, powerful, and easily configured on a computer. These motors are complemented with new modules for the compact EPOS4 positioning controller, which has a high power density and easy handling. Drive technology is becoming even better and more intuitive.

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People. Medicine. Technology.
The new issue of driven, the maxon motor magazine, is out!

In medical technology, there are thousands of patent applications every year. New robots, measuring devices, and other tools minimize the risks of surgery. Some of the latest technologies are presented in driven, the maxon motor magazine.

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Configure high-speed drives from your sofa
The maxon configurator is expanding its offering.

Never before has it been this simple to put together a customized, high-end drive, at work or at home, using maxon motor's online configurator. A variety of brushless, high-speed motors and gearheads are now available.

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maxon drives help people walk again
Swiss motors are driving exoskeletons all over the world

At the first Cybathlon in Zurich, researchers are presenting the world's best exoskeletons – devices that enable paraplegics to walk again. Motors from Switzerland play a central part in this development.

Further information – new website for technology aficionados
Stories, blogs, and innovations in drive technology

A treat is in store for drive technology aficionados:, a brand-new website with interesting stories, news, and blog posts. In addition, is a platform for start-ups and student projects supported by Swiss drive specialist maxon motor.

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EPOS4 Compact 50/8 CAN (59,5 x 58,5 x 33,0 mm)

EPOS4 Positioning Controller
Compact power for your motion control application.

maxon motor's EPOS range of controllers has been very successful in the marketplace. Since its launch in 2005, more than 100,000 units are in use worldwide. To build upon this success, the Swiss drive specialist launches the EPOS4 as the next generation of positioning controllers.

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Faster and faster – with maxon.
New high-speed drives and controllers are now available.

maxon motor, the Swiss drive specialist, is introducing a variety of new products from super-fast brushless DC motors and robust planetary gearheads to modular controllers. Drive technology is becoming more intuitive than ever before.

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The depths of the ocean: Technology for uncharted worlds
Learn more in driven, the maxon motor magazine

We know more about the surface of the moon than the depths of the ocean. That's no surprise given the conditions there. And yet, an ever increasing number of sophisticated vehicles are making their way down to the ocean floor. driven, the maxon motor magazine, also goes on a dive and brings back surprising facts and stories.

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The ultra-fast brushless DC Motor
The new ECX motors are fast, sterilizable and configurable.

maxon motor launches new high-speed motors that are configurable online. The new ECX brushless motors are quiet and feature very high efficiency. These brushless drives are ideal for use in hand-held surgical tools and industrial spindles.

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Robots for home and work.
The latest issue of maxon’s driven magazine explores the challenges in robotic applications.

The new issue of driven, the maxon motor magazine is now available. In this issue, we learn that interaction between humans and robots will become much closer in the years to come, both at home and at work. What will this new interaction look like? What are the technical challenges? This latest issue of driven provides some of these answers and more.

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Miniature spindle for linear positioning tasks
The maxon GP 6 S spindle gear

The GP 6 S micro spindle gear has a diameter of six millimeters and is now also available in a metal version to provide a spindle drive with optimized value.

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A brushless DC motor for demanding operating room applications
A sterilizable EC-4pole 30 from maxon motor

maxon’s new brushless electric motor, the EC-4pole 30, delivers high torque (106 mNm) and is sterilizable – a perfect drive for hand-held surgical tools.

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High performance drive in a small package
maxon sets new standards in micro drives

maxon's smallest DC brushless motor is only four millimeters in diameter and comes in two different lengths. Certified in accordance with ISO 13485, the new brushless micro drive is ideal for medical applications.

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Internal rotor drives with incredible power
maxon presents new High Torque DC brushless motors

For applications demanding very high torque, drive specialist maxon motor is now launching its EC-i 40 DC brushless motor in a High Torque version. The iron-core internal rotor drive is available with a diameter of 40 mm and delivers up to 234 mNm of torque.

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driven Magazine 1//2015: Off to new worlds
Tough missions await for drives in space

A rover looking for life on Mars, a robot exploring lunar caves, and a probe flying very close to the sun: the latest edition of driven, the maxon motor magazine, is dedicated to exciting space missions and shows the brutal conditions under which DC motors must operate.

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DC drives made to order: The selection just got bigger
maxon expands its configuration program

maxon motor's successful X drives program is being expanded to include a new motor size and different planetary gearheads. Putting together the right DC drive assembly online has never been so easy.

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Custom configuration: more options with maxon
On April 13, the maxon motor drive portfolio is growing bigger

In time for the Hannover Messe, maxon motor is presenting a multitude of new products. Customers will have an even greater selection of online configurable DC motors and gearheads. Also, a new brushless DC motor enters the stage. It is only 4 millimeters in size.

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ESCON Module 24/2 Servo Motor Controller
Mini from outside – maxi from within.

As addition to the successful ESCON servo controller family, maxon motor presents another miniaturized, postage stamp-sized OEM plug-in module. The high-performance 4-quadrant PWM servo motor controller is designed to command permanent-magnet-activated brushed DC motors and BLDC motors (brushless DC motors, so-called EC motors) with Hall sensors up to 48 Watt continuous output and 144 Watt peak output. As part of the ESCON family it stands for high usability, exceptional performance, and unprecedented power density in servo motor controller technology. More comfort, functionality, protection, and performance can hardly be attained.

New additional functionality, such as RC servo signal evaluation for speed or current set values, current limiter and offset, or the option to predefine analog speed ramps further enrich the entire ESCON servo controller family.

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Integration made easy.
EPOS2 Positioning Controllers support additional Platforms.

The successful maxon motor EPOS2 motion controllers for DC and BLDC motors are being enriched by even more possible fields of applications.

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Touchdown on comet successful – congratulations from maxon motor!
Rosetta mission employs Swiss drive technology.

Today, the European Space Agency (ESA) successfully landed a small laboratory on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The lander features ten instruments which may provide important clues to the origin of life. Two DC motors made by drive specialist maxon motor are on board the mission.

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More versions, more power – the new DCX motors and GPX gearboxes
New additions to the maxon family of X drives

Now even stronger, more efficient and with yet more combination options: There are new addi-tions to the maxon family of X drive products. Several long versions of brushed DC motors, with higher torques and more power, are being added to the product range, together with matching planetary gearheads. Each of the 3-stage versions can now be combined with the next smaller motor. This saves space, weight and costs.

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driven 2//14: The operating room of the future
High-tech for health and beauty

The new issue of driven – the maxon motor magazine – is now available. In this issue, we peek over the shoulder of a surgeon using the da Vinci surgical robot, present a new device for cardiac patients and take a look at the world's first cordless tattoo machine.

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maxon motor takes part in chase to catch up with a comet
Rosetta mission

After more than ten years of travel through space, the European space probe Rosetta has reached the comet Chury. Three months from now, for the first time in the history of space travel, a lander will touch down on the surface of the four-kilometer-wide comet. DC motors manufactured by maxon are part of this pioneering feat.

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maxon motor reports good results and many new innovations
maxon motor Group reports stable revenue and cash flow – Record revenue in Asia – High investments in research and development – Positive development for the current year:

Sachseln/Switzerland. – The maxon motor Group was able to maintain its revenue level during the 2013 business year, in spite of the strong Swiss franc, the weak development of the economy in some areas and commodity prices that remained high. The revenue amounted to CHF 360.2 million. (Previous year: 360.5). At CHF 36.2 million, the cash flow was similar to that of the previous year (36.9). The number of employees in Sachseln (Switzerland), Sexau (Germany), Veszprém (Hungary) and Sejong (South Korea) stayed largely stable at 2091 (+14). Around 9% of revenue is invested in R&D, where more than 220 highly qualified specialists are at work. Last year, maxon launched many new innovations, and the drive specialist is also participating in the ExoMars Mission of the European Space Agency, which is planning a Mars landing in 2018. For the current business year, maxon motor is cautiously optimistic.

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BLDC motor EC 19 and planetary gearhead GP 19 M
High power up to 120 W, speeds up to 100,000 rpm, sterilizable 1000 times.

The new brushless drive with a diameter of 19 mm has been specially designed for high speeds and features low heat development and extremely quiet and low-vibration running. This little powerhouse has applications in centers for miniaturized processing, hand-held tools and medical technology. When combined with planetary gearheads, many possible variations are available for applications in these key markets.

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Compact servo motors with inductive encoders.
Four new types in the performance range 30 to 90 W.

maxon’s brushless flat motors are used today in many demanding applications: In pumps for diesel emission control, in valve positioners for aircraft, in lift door drives, in humanoid and industrial robots and much more.

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More to configure – Motor, gearhead and encoder tailored to your needs.
The maxon X drives family of configurable products is growing.

Like all motors in the DCX series, these brushed DC motors feature high power density and low vibration. In addition to the technical highlights, the program's appeal lies in the configuration options. Motors, gearheads and encoders may be selected and ordered online. After only 11 working days, even complex drive systems are ready to be shipped. Detailed product data can be viewed online immediately, and 3D data for the configuration is available for downloading. Discover more at

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driven 1//14: Exhilarating speed – Man and machine at their limits
maxon drive systems in motor sports

The newest edition of driven, the maxon motor magazine, is available now. Join Formula Renault 3.5 pilot Nico Müller on the racing track. Take a seat in the cockpit with him and learn more about why maxon's DC motors are important for fast laps. The magazine is available for free as an app for tablets and as a print version.

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MAXPOS 50/5 Positioning Controller
The next generation of high-performance positioning controllers

maxon motor launches the MAXPOS 50/5. This compact EtherCAT Slave unveils unprecedented possibilities as far as precision, dynamics, and synchronization are concerned. It also ensures reliability and durability even under harsh conditions. More than 20 years of experience in motion control have been incorporated into this latest technology in positioning controller.

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Opportunity celebrates 10 years on Mars.
It keeps going and going and going – equipped with maxon brushed DC motors.

Ten years ago, the NASA rovers Opportunity and Spirit landed on Mars. Today, Opportunity is still exploring Mars – an unbelievably long time, considering the robot was only designed to last about 90 days. It has covered a distance of approximately 39 kilometers so far and continues to roam around a vast area. On board, 39 maxon brushed DC motors can be found.


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ESCON Module 50/4 EC-S Servo Motor Controller for sensorless Operation of BLDC Motors
Straightforward commissioning, excellent motor control characteristics, and peak performance.

As addition to the ESCON servo controller family, maxon motor now presents a miniaturized OEM plug-in module for sensorless BLDC applications. The compact, powerful 4-quadrant PWM servo motor controller offers efficient control of permanent-magnet activated sensorless BLDC motors (brushless DC motors, so-called EC motors) with-out Hall sensors up to approximately 200 Watts. As part of the ESCON family it stands for high usability, exceptional performance, and unprecedented power density in servo motor controller technology. Sensorless operation offers the best conditions for a high reliability at low system costs.

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New, configurable DC motors and gearheads from maxon motor.
The maxon DCX series is being expanded with two new DC motors. The GPX 22 gearhead is now also available in a version with reduced noise level and with ceramic axes.
In addition to the maxon DCX 10L, a shorter version is now also available, the DCX 10S. The DCX 22L is the new longer version of the DCX 22S.

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driven 3//13: High-tech cameras – lightning-fast, ultra-sharp and legendary.
maxon drive systems in the communication secto

In the new edition of “driven”, the maxon motor magazine, everything revolves around hightech cameras: From professional SLR cameras and camera stabilization systems to modern projection devices for telescopes. All these applications have one thing in common: they all use high-precision drives by maxon motor. The tablet magazine is available free of charge for Apple iOS and Google Android.

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maxon motor wins Aerosuisse Award 2013.

Aerosuisse, the umbrella organization for the Swiss aerospace industry, chose maxon motor ag as the winner of this year's award. The products of the drive specialist have not only been conquering Mars for more than 15 years, but are also increasingly used on board civil aircraft.

"Without maxon's micro motors, the Mars rover Opportunity will stop in its tracks on the red planet. The Dragon capsule of rocket and spacecraft manufacturer Space X would not be able to dock onto the International Space Station if it wasn't for maxon motor. And even the valves and flaps of the Boeing 787 ventilation system are driven by maxon's motors. By presenting maxon motor ag with the Aerosuisse Award 2013, Aerosuisse honors the company's groundbreaking development and production of high-precision drive systems, which are of vital importance to the aerospace industry," writes Aerosuisse in their media release of October 9, 2013.

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driven 2//13: Aircraft technology of today and tomorrow.
maxon motors in the aerospace industry.

The new issue of "driven", the maxon motor magazine, brings stories and applications from the field of aerospace technology to your tablet, interactive and easy to understand. In particular, the focus is on aviation engineering of today and tomorrow: from the use of drive systems in modern airliners to the aircraft of the future. The tablet magazine is available for Apple iOS and Google Android.

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New servo motor controller – The ESCON 70/10
High performance, easy to commission, outstanding motor control characteristics, and top performance.

maxon motor’s new range of servo controllers continues to expand. Just like the existing motor control units in the range, the new maxon motor ESCON 70/10 possesses incredibly easy usability and peak control properties. The high power density 4-quadrant pulse width modulated (PWM) servo motor controller gives efficient control of permanent-magnet brushed DC motors (PMDC) and brushless DC motors (BLDC motors) using Hall sensors with a power rating to ~700 W.

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ESCON Module 50/5 - the miniaturized OEM plug-in Module of maxon motor control's Servo Controller Series
Easy-to-use with excellent motor control characteristics, and peak performance.

New to the ESCON servo controller family, maxon motor introduces a miniaturized OEM plug-in module; the ESCON Module 50/5. The compact, powerful 4-quadrant PWM servo motor controller offers efficient control of permanent-magnet activated brushed and brushless DC with Hall sensors up to approximately 250 Watts. As part of the ESCON family it stands for high usability, exceptional performance, and unprecedented power density in servo motor controller technology. Its built-in comfort, functionality, protection, and performance are hard to beat.

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maxon 32 mm planetary gear for high radial loads
New design ensures smooth operation and absolute true running.

maxon motor, world-wide leading manufacturer of high precision micro drives, supplements it's successful GP 32 program with two new types. With an enhanced planetary carrier, a new arrangement of the bearing and a ceramic type the essentials of the single-stage planetary gear have been improved significantly.

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EC-4pole 32 HD with planetary gear
The 480 watt power package manages 200 °C, 1.000 G, -5.000 m and 1.700 bar.

The winner of the Innovation Prize 2010, the heavy duty motor EC 22 HD, has now received a bigger and stronger brother. The new, electronically commutated motor EC-4pole 32 HD offers all characteristics of the excellent 22 mm motor, is designed for extremely harsh operating conditions and aims especially to fulfill the requirements of deep drilling technology.

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maxon DC motor RE 30 EB, 15 watt for smooth rotary motion
maxon winding technology and precious metal brushes provide more torque.

Haptic applications are known from medicine, robotics and avionics. An example: the active sidestick of a helicopter generates forces, which let the pilot feel a conventional system. For such applications a special drive is needed. The ironless maxon winding and the precious metal commutation are predestined.

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Small spindle drives now also available in wear-resistant ceramics.
Two new complete systems consisting of spindle, axial bearings and gear.

The new spindle drives GP 8 S and GP 16 S broaden maxon motors spindle drive program and introduce the ceramic spindle to the market. The ceramic spindle is a very interesting product which offers many advantages.

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driven 1//13: Strong Replacements in Medical Technology
maxon motors in implants and prosthetics

The new issue of “driven”, the maxon motor magazine, brings stories and applications from the field of medical technology to your tablet, interactive and easy to understand. This issue is all about implants and prosthetics, ranging from a state-of-the-art motorized prosthetic hand to an implanted medication pump. The tablet magazine is available for Apple iOS and Google Android.

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Modular Multi-axis Motherboard
It doesn't get any easier than this: Define the number of axes for the Mother-board, click, and done.

For the EPOS2 Module 36/2 positioning controller, maxon motor offers a motherboard that can be applied with just a few simple steps to suit drive systems with up to 11 axes. In respect to flexibility and modular design, the EPOS2 Module Motherboard is hard to beat. Whether for experimental purposes or in series production, the motherboard is the cost-effective, ready-to-use solution for multi-axis applications.

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maxon motor has QMS EN 9100 certification.
High-precision small drives for the aerospace industry.

The quality management system (QMS) of maxon motor received certification according to the EN 9100 quality standard on October 23, 2012. The provider of high-precision drives and systems up to 500 W is therefore now officially a "specialist for the aerospace industry"

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maxon motor launches configurable DC drives.
The new maxon DCX program offers high power and can be configured and ordered completely online. – On the Swiss drive specialist's microsite, you can find innovative brushed DC motors, planetary gearheads and sensors. The performance features of the precision drives are impressive, but it is a special service that sets them apart: DCX motors, GPX gearheads and ENX encoders can be configured and ordered online.

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DCX leaflet [5.140 KB]


driven - The new maxon motor magazine is here!
Applications, interviews with experts, drives in depth. Interactive and exclusively for tablet computers.

As of October 25, 2012, there is a new publication from the drive specialist maxon motor. “driven – the maxon motor magazine” will be issued three times a year for iPads and Android tablet PCs. At the end of each year, the highlights from the three tablet issues will be compiled in a print edition.

Complete information on the new magazine by maxon motor can be found at


November 13, 2012: Birthday of the next generation of DC drives - maxon motor launches a completely new product program.

maxon motor, leading provider of high-precision drives up to 500 W, is launching a new range of DC drives on November 13, 2012. These are characterized by innovative and powerful DC motors with ironless rotor. Matching gearheads and sensors will be available from the same date. "New magnets, new design, new processes. Our best brushed drives have been given a complete technical revision," says Eugen Elmiger, CEO of maxon motor. "Furthermore our customers can in future fine-tune their drives to their specific needs in even more detail. With just a few clicks on our website," explains the head of maxon.

Interested persons can already get a first impression of the new product program of maxon motor at However, the technical data is not being revealed yet. Markus Schwab, the responsible product manager for the new maxon DCX program, is already very excited and says: "These are going to be the most powerful DC motors on the market. In comparison to our direct competitors, our new products provide 20% more power in the same size class." This is a new milestone, as the product manager of maxon motor confirms.


ESCON 36/3 EC - Maxi in the matter of performance, control properties, and range of functions. Mini as far as price, size, and commissioning are concerned.

As the third member, the ESCON 36/3 EC joins the one year ago launched series of maxon motor ESCON servo controllers. It captivates by user-friendliness and outstanding performance. Very well equipped, the miniaturized device demonstrates true greatness. Its special design allows the setup of cost-optimized drive systems solely using Hall sensor feedback (no encoder necessary) without waiving the comprehensive 4-quadrant operation capabilities. All of it in miniature dimensions and unrivaled power density. It is designed for efficient control of BLDC motors (brushless DC motors, so-called EC motors) with Hall sensors up to approximately 100 Watts. As part of the ESCON family, it represents the embodiment of unrivaled power density in the field of servo controller technology offering highest comfort, extensive functionality, and best protection.

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Drive selection on the Internet with the maxon selection program.
Fast and easy with just a few parameters.

A new web tool by maxon motor is now available at The "maxon selection program" (MSP) looks for appropriate drive systems that match the individual specifications of the user. In the simplest case scenario, the user only has to enter the supply voltage, the load speed and the load torque of the application.

For drive specialists, the MSP provides an advanced search with additional parameters for specifying the load, drive, control and environmental conditions.


The new maxon motor general catalogue 2012/13 is here!


- EC 22 HD
- EC 45 flat, 70 Watt
- EC 60 flat, 100 Watt
- Planetary gear GP 16 C
- Planetary gear GP 22 HD (Heavy Duty)
- Planetary gear GP 26 A
- Spindle drive GP 16 S
- Encoder MILE for EC 60 flat
- Encoder MILE for EC 90 flat
- Servo controller ESCON 36/2 DC
- Servo controller ESCON 50/5
- Positioning Control Unit EPOS3 EtherCAT
- Accessories overview


High-speed Synchronization with EPOS3 70/10 EtherCAT

The digital positioning controller EPOS3 70/10 EtherCAT meets the highest demands in real-time positioning of synchronized multi-axis systems. Extremely compact in size, the EPOS3 possesses a wide nominal power supply voltage range from 11 to 70 VDC and delivers a continuous output current of 10 A, during acceleration and deceleration even up to 25 A. Designed for DC and EC motors with a power range up to 700 Watt, it provides outstanding uniform running for motors equipped with incremental encoders.

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The GP 16 spindle drive
Feed forces of up to 400 N

The spindle drive program will be extended with the new size 16 mm. This is also an easily configurable complete system with integrated axial bearing for high loads. Version with metric M6 spindle or Ø 5 mm ball screw.

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The new innovation from maxon motor at the Hannover Messe 2012: The GP 26 A planetary gearhead.

maxon motor, the worldwide leading provider of high-precision drives and systems, presents a new, more powerful series of planetary gearheads, called GP 26 A. The GP 26 A closes the gap which previously existed between the 22 and 32 diameters in the range of power-optimized gearheads. The GP 26 A offers all of the advantages of the maxon series of gearheads, including modularity, precision and power. Particularly significant improvements over the previous generation are the higher permissible loads.

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Twice the power: the new GP 16 C planetary gearhead.
Ø 16 mm, 0,2 – 0,6 Nm

When it was introduced many years ago, the GP 16 A planetary gearhead represented a milestone in gear technology, thanks to its use of powder metallurgy. Now, in the new GP 16 C, ceramic components are also used. Longer life span and a doubling of the continuous torque fulfill the requirements of many customers.

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EC 60 flat with MILE Encoder and Protection Class IP 54
Versatility, power, and robustness for flat motors have a name.

The multitude of possible combinations makes the new EC 60 flat the ideal drive in a wide range of applications. Whether the focus is on high nominal torque, on high-dynamic positioning tasks with superb repetition accuracy, or on robustness and insensitivity against environmental conditions, the choice is all up to the end user.

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ESCON 50/5 - straightforward commissioning – excellent controller characteristics – peak performance.

Following the ESCON’s launch during fall 2011, maxon motor’s new series of servo controllers welcomes its second family member; the ESCON 50/5. As the little brother, it captivates by userfriendliness and outstanding performance. The compact, powerful 4-quadrant PWM servo controller offers efficient control of permanent-magnet activated brushed DC motors and brushless EC motors up to approximately 250 Watts. As part of the ESCON family, it is the embodiment of unrivaled power density in the field of servo controller technology. More convenience, functionality, protection, or power are hardly possible.

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EC 90 flat with MILE Encoder.

In order to take advantage of the EC 90 flat motor’s ultra slim design also in high-precision applications and positioning tasks, a microsystem is being applied; the MILE encoder. The incredibly miniature system can be integrated into the motor without adding length to it.

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ESCON 36/2 DC - One-Two-Go! Startup made easy.

The ESCON 36/2 DC is the first product in the new servo controller range by maxon motor and shows how user-friendly drive technology can be. The extremely compact, powerful 4-quadrant PWM servo controller offers efficient control of brushed permanent-magnet activated DC motors up to approx. 72 W. With its unsurpassed power density, it is the embodiment of the degree of miniaturization that is currently possible in the field of servo controller technology. It is hardly possible to pack more power, more functionality, more convenience and more protection in such small dimensions with today's level of technology.

Further information

ESCON Microsite


EC 45 flat, 70 Watts - Power Pack with 130 mNm Nominal Torque and 45 mm Diameter.

The successful series of brushless EC 45 flat motors gets an addition to the family.

Further informationen


EC 16 - Ø 16 mm, brushless, up to 60 watts, sterilizable.

As an addition to the already established EC 16 motors, maxon motor launches four new models with increased performances of 30 and 60 watts. They come as real "high performance savings packages" and impress with a nominal torque of 18 mNm, an efficiency of up to 90% and an up to 60% less steep torque gradient.

Datasheet [583 KB]