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KII & KIIS Series - the new Generation of Standard AC Motors

- High Efficiency Type IE3 and IE4
- Environmental Resistance - Fan-less structure
- High Permissible Torque

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EAS / EAC Series new Standards for Motorized Lienear Slides and Motorized Cylinders

- Quick positioning
- Large transportable mass
- Straight or Reversed Motor type, same price

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BMU Series - New Release
Now Available: The 200 W Type from the Best-Selling BMU Series

- Designed to be Compact, High Power and High Efficiency
- Contributes to Equipment Energy Savings
- Wide Speed Control Range (80 - 4000 rpm)

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New Stepper-Motor-Driver Combination with Microstep 1.8°-0.36° (CVK Series)

- Compact driver
- Low vibration
- Low noise

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PKP Series with Electromagnetic Brake

- Holding load during blackouts
- Lower motor heat at motor standstill
- Holding torque: 0,02 - 2,3 Nm

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The new RKII Series offers greater performance and features with a great low price

The new RKII Series is an ideal and affordable solution for demanding requirements and is available with a built-in controller (stored data) type driver or pulse input type driver. The RKII Series utilizes Oriental Motors new motor technology, reducing heat output with the motor, allowing it to run up to 40° C cooler than the conventional stepper motors. This offers significant benefits, including 100% torque utilization with no compromise. Designed with the step angle selector, switching from 1.8° or 0.9° packages is as simple as setting the dial.

Advantages of the RKII Series

- High efficiency: power consumption reduced up to 47 %
- Compact size: construction of small installations
- Reduced heat output: temperature within the engine is reduced
- Easy wiring
- Two types of drivers: pulse input type and built-in controller

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A stepper motor bares his teeth - Addition to the PKP series high torque stepper motors

The high torque stepper motors are now also available as a high resolution type, meaning that the basic stepping angle is 0,9 ° (100 instead of 50 teeth on the rotor). The motors are the ideal solution for applications, with high requirements when it comes to stopping precision. Frames sizes from 42 mm to 56,4 mm are available. The holding torque lies between 0,25 Nm and 2,23 Nm.

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Brushless DC Motor with integrated Driver and Controller (All-in-One) – BLA Series

This is the AC input brushless DC motor with an integrated driver, controller and a digital setting device. Speed control can be set by digital setting display on the back.

• Contributes to Space Saving and Simple Wiring
• Digital Setting
• Excellent Speed Stability
• Wide Range of Speed Setting (1:40)
• Various Protection Functions and Warning Function

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Network Converter for EtherCAT

NETC01-ECT is a device that converts from an EtherCAT communication to Oriental Motor’s own RS-485 communication protocol.

The EtherCAT network converter NETC01-ECT is a device that converts from an EtherCAT communication to Oriental Motor’s own RS-485 communication protocol. By using the NETC01-ECT network converter, Oriental Motor’s entire “Flex”-compatible products can be controlled within an EtherCAT communications environment. “Flex” is the generic name for products that are used for I/O control, Modbus (RTU)/RS-485 control or a network converter.
The maximum number of connectable units for the network converter is 16 units, power supply input is 24 VDC.

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High-torque PKP Series - Resolution of 200 steps per revolution (1.8˚/step)

High-torque PKP Series offers a standard type with a resolution of 200 steps per revolution (1.8˚/step) and a geared type (high torque, higher resolution). The dedicated driver is required separately to operate the motor.
PKP Series generating high torque of approximately 1.2 to 1.7 times (maximum holding torque) the PK Series standard type of same size.


- Lower Power Consumption and Lower Heat Generation
- Power consumption can be reduced by 20%
- Temperature rise can be reduced
- Downsizing of Your Motor
- SH Geared Type: This geared type is effective for reducing speed, increasing torque, higher resolution and low vibration

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DGII - New generation of hollow rotary actuators

DGII is the name of the new generation of hollow rotary actuators by Oriental Motor. The new version of high precision actuators offers three main advantages compared to the previous edition: The highly efficient AR stepper motor and driver package is now used. It excels with high efficiency, saving energy and therefore offering price advantages. Furthermore Oriental Motor can now offer new types with integrated controllers in addition to the pulse input types. Oriental Motor has also added a 85 mm frame size type, which complements the existing frame sizes of 60, 130 and 200 mm.

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All-in-One stepper motor - PKA series

The new PKA series by Oriental Motors combines a 5 phase stepper motor and a driver into a single unit. The integrated controller also dispenses with the need for a pulse generator. This simplifies the installation process and saves space in the plant. With a frame size of 42 mm the smooth running motor reaches a holding torque of 0,18 Nm; the larger version (60 mm) reaches a maximum holding torque of 0,83 Nm. The motor is controlled via a seperate control module or via a special programming software.

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22 mm planetary gear motor

The new stepper motor and driver package of the CRK series with a planetary gear and a frame size of 22 mm weighs only 90 grams. It is especially suitable for applications with low vibration and low noise and combines compact size with high torque. At a ratio of 1:4 torque is 0,074 Nm, at a ratio of 1:16 it is 0,24 Nm. This corresponds to the torque of a 28 mm geared motor.

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NX-Series - AC Servomotors - Three new servos

A new series of AC servo motors from Oriental Motor.

Oriental Motor introduces their new NX series - Servo drives powered by 200 - 230 VAC. The NX series offers one standard motor and two versions with planetary gearboxes.

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BLV series - brushless DC motor and driver package - powerful and hardwearing

Expansion of the brushless DC motors by Oriental Motor with output up to 400 W

With the new BLV series Oriental Motor offers a new drive with output options from 200 to 400 W. This new motor, which is powered by a 24 or 48 VDC source, covers additional applications.
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BLE series - brushless DC motor and driver package - compact and versatile

New brushless DC motor by Oriental Motor capable of vertical movements.

Another new brushless DC motor from Oriental Motor, provided with a brake and capable of vertical movements. The BLE series is an extension of the existing product range, which provides further solutions for the ever-growing demand for compact drives with stable speed.

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