AN/ANR planetary gearboxes

The AN/ANR planetary gear series features inline as well as 90° input versions. Up to 7 different 1 and 2 stage ratios are available.
The engine side flange with its centric shaft-hub connection allows an economic adjustment to motor flanges of various sizes and manufacturers. The specially hardened planetary gears run on needle bearings and are mounted to the planet carrier on both sides and therefore guarantee an unmatched stiffness of the gearbox
A patented sealing system with minimum friction ensures zero maintenance and longest lifetime and so offerst highest availability.


Apex Dynamics, Inc Website


• Round output flange
• Shaft with or withoutkey
• nominal output torque: 40 - 160 Nm, maximum 3-times output torque
• ratio: 5 - 200
• triple split collet provides decreased backlash (< 1 arcmin)
• compact construction, 2 sizes according to NEMA available
• quiet running
• efficiency: > 97%
• maintenance free: > 20.000 running hours