maxon ceramic

maxon motor GmbH in Sexau, Germany not only develops and produces standard and special gearheads, but also has in-depth knowledge and expertise in powder injection molding for highly complex components. It offers ceramic (CIM) and metallic (MIM) injection molding components under the maxon ceramic brand name. These are mainly customer-specific solutions, but also components for gearheads and motors.


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Characteristics of CIM components

• Extremely hard and wear resistant
• Bending strength up to 1200 N/mm²
• Highly temperature resistant
• High chemical resistance
• Biocompatibility
• Low specific weight
• Excellent insulators

Characteristics of MIM components

• Excellent mechanical properties (similar to cast or rolled steel)
• High density of 96 - 98%
• Gastight and pressurized due to closed pore space
• High surface quality
• Highly corrosion resistant
• After-treatments such as heat treatment, polishing, galvanizing, welding, soldering and machining are all easy procedures


The possible uses of CIM and MIM components are extremely diverse due to the unlimited molding options and special features of the materials used. From medical to dental technology, electronics and textile industry to measuring and controlling technology - there is barely a sector that does not use these production technologies.