maxon dental - Innovation with bite

maxon dental focuses on the developement and production of dental implants and abutments made of zirconium dioxide ceramics.

maxon draws on 15 years of experience in the development and production of precision technical components made of advanced ceramics. This know-how is used specifically to produce innovative zirconium oxide ceramic implants for the dental industry.

maxon dental offers these technological advantages to all interested companies. So the partners can contribute their specific implant design. Combining this input with its expertise in surface treatment and the experience in the industrial production of ceramic components, maxon dental developes a customized solution.
So, thanks to the CIM technology, ceramic implants can be manufactured inexpensively. Not only the partner companies of maxon dental benefit from this. In the long term, this also means that ceramic implants become accessible to a larger group of patients.


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• scalpels and raspatories made from high performance ceramics
• tweezers made of high performance ceramics
• One-piece maxon implants
• Two-piece maxon implants
• Abutments
• Dental caps
• Dental drills