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maxon DCX motors make an impression with their unsurpassed power density (torque / motor volume ratio) and their absolute quiet running. The robust construction together with the worldwide patented ironless rotor make the DCX motors a highly dynamic drive in almost any situation.

The DCX motors can be combined with the new GPX gearheads online. They make an impression with the highest power transmission in a very short compact design. The modular construction and the scaled stages form the basis for a custom made drive solution. High torque, high speed, low noise, low backlash; maxon GPX gearheads fulfill practically all requirements.

Additionally to motor and gearhead one of the ENX encoders can be chosen online. They score with their robust design and high signal quality. The 3-channel encoder with differential signals guarantees interference-free function even under the highest loads. The resolution can be factory-set. EASY is an incremental encoder based on the Hall effect. With the QUAD you get a 1-count encoder for rotation direction and speed recognition.

To control the DCX combinations the already well-known maxon motor control program can be used. (ESCON servo controller, EPOS2 positioning control units, EPOS2 P programmable positioning controllers or EPOS3 EtherCAT Slave positioning control units).

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What can be configured online?


• Lenght
• Flat face
• Bore

• Mounting threads

Bearing module
• Standard

Gear ratio
• 1-5 stages

• Mounting threads
• Centering collar
• Without flange

• Lenght
• Diameter
• Flat face

• Ball bearing (all operating modes, higher radial and axial load)
• Sleeve bearing (for continuous operation at high speeds, cost-effective)

• Low nominal voltage (low resistance, high current, high speed constant: speed per volt)
• High nominal voltage (high resistvance, low current, high torque constant: torque per ampere)

• Graphite brushes (high current and current peaks, start/stop and reverse operation, large motors from approx. 5 W, EMI filter)
• Precious metal brushes (low current and voltage, continuous operation, cost-effective, EMI filter, CLL spark suppression)

• Terminals
• Orientation of the terminals
• Cable
• Orientation of the cable
• Connector

Counts per turn
Cable outlet angle with strain relief
Orientation of the cable outlet
Cable lenght


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