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DRL Series

The DRL Series of compact linear motion actuators use a new 5-phase stepping motor which incorporates a ball screw. These are combined with 5-phase 24 VDC microstepping drivers with photocoupler inputs for extremely precise positioning. The compact and lightweight body houses the rotating components as well as the linear motion mechanism of the stepping motor. The DRL Series helps to achieve a significant reduction in the size of your equipment and system. To meet the user's requirements for higher positioning accuracy, a ground ball screw model is available [repetitive positioning accuracy: ±0.0002 in. (±0.005 mm)].


• Flange sizes: 20 mm, 28 mm, 42 mm and 60 mm
• max. stroke: 50 mm
• max. axial load: 300 N
• max. speed: 32 mm/s
• repetetive positioning accuracy (using ground ball screw): ±0,002 mm
• optional with brakes and jog wheel
• optional without guides

DRB – linear actuators with 2-phase stepping motor

Basis of the new DRB linear actuators are the proven working principles of the reliable DRL-Series. The unit is powered by a 24 VDC 2-phase stepping motor which delivers a max. speed of 32 mm/s. The integrated ball screw provides a repetetive positioning accuracy of ± 0,03 mm. Optionally offered is a ground ball screw which raises the accuracy up to ± 0,005 mm. A jog wheel may be added for manually adjusting the position. The new linear units, which provide strokes from 30 mm to 100 mm and bear a max. axial load of 200 N are built in flange sizes 28, 42 and 60 mm.

DGII - hollow output table

The DGII Series is a rotary actuator featuring a hollow output table that allows large-inertia discs and arms to be installed directly. The DGII Series makes machine design, wiring and maintenance simple. Equipment tables and arms can be installed directly on the output table. This saves you the hassle and cost of designing an installation mechanism, arranging necessary parts, adjusting the belt tension, etc. when mechanical parts such as belt and pulley are used for installation.


• Flange sizes: 60, 85, 130 and 200 mm
• max. speed: 200 min-1
• max. axial load: 2.000 N
• max. holding torque: 12 Nm
• microstep resolution: 0,002 - 0,04°
• repetetive positioning accuracy: ±0.004°
• supply: 230 VAC
• CE, UL and cUL certified
• optional sensor fan
• encoder output

EZS – motorized linear slides

The EZS Series motorized linear slides incorporate an AlphaStep stepping motor, feedback system, ball screw and table in an all-in-one compact body. The EZS Series of motorized sliders provide positioning through the use of a table and slider driven by the ball screw. The systems main positioning applications are in the semi-conductor production as well as in the food processing and packaging industry. Outstanding features are a speed of up to 800 mm/s and the repetetive positioning accuracy of ±0,02 mmwhile moving up to 60 kgs. The travelling parallelism is 0,03 mm. Easy wiring and simple assembling as well as long maintenance intervals prove the user-friendly realization.
Slider length goes from 50 mm to 850 mm (segments in multiples of 50 mm).
The control display allows observation and execution of the optional functions (setting, test mode, I/O signals.


• Max. stroke: 850 mm
• Max. speed: 800 mm/s
• Max. load: horizontal 60 kg, vertical 30 kg
• repetetive positioning accuracy: ±0,02 mm
• supply: 24 VDC or 230 VAC

EZC – Linear unit of cylinder and stepping motor

This motorized cylinder with ball screw complements the series of linear drives of Oriental Motor (Europa) GmbH. The EZC positiones high loads, maximum load for horizontal movement is 60 kgs, for vertical movement (combined with an electromagnetic brake) 30 kgs. At a stroke of 300 mm the repetetive positioning accuracy is ± 0,02 mm. The EZC sustains axial forces up to 400 N. Pressure of the load-moving piston rod is adjustable. Maximum speed is 600 mm/s. This new linear system is powered by 200 – 230 VAC or 24 VDC. Control functions are the same as for the motorisized linear slides. All movement parameters may be fed by a seperate hand-held control unit as well as by using the software.

• flange size: 42 x 42 mm or 60 x 60 mm
• diameter of cylinder: 25 mm or 35 mm
• max. stroke: 300 mm
• max. speed: 600 mm/s
• max load: horizontal 60 kg, vertical 30 kg
• repetetive positioning accuracy: ±0,02 mm
• supply: 24 VDC or 230 VAC

LAS – Rack actuators

Joining a rack and pinion mechanism to the Alpha Step Closed Loop stepping motor / controller unit provides the LAS series with high positioning accuracy and thrust. This creates a fast linear actuator with powerful thrust who handles applications like pushing, pulling, hoisting and lowering at limited space.

• Flange size: 60 and 80 mm
• Max. Stroke: 1.000 mm
• Max. speed: 500 mm/s
• Max. movable mass: 100 kg
• supply: 230 VAC